David Nicoll for Stone Rural

David Nicoll is our candidate for Stone Rural division. He is a self employed accountant, living and working in Hilderstone.

First working with one of the ‘big-4’ firms in Hong Kong, he started his own practice in the Midlands in the early 2000s and moved to our district in 2019.

As a parent, David is acutely aware of the challenges faced by young people trying to live in a rural district. The challenges of managing rural transport, housing, and facilities in the context of the green belt and conservation areas are high on his agenda, ensuring that our villages remain vibrant, attractive and characterful places to live and work.

“I am passionately committed to our rural and wider environment. As well as ensuring my business is Climate Positive, I have been campaigning for improved support for the agricultural sector both locally and nationally. The current planning system is not sufficiently attuned to the needs of new entrants and agroecological farm businesses, and in partnership with the Landworkers Alliance I have been calling for a level playing field for smaller scale farmers and growers. As your Councillor I will work to change the priorities locally to reflect these needs.”

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