Debra Gratton for Cheadle and Checkley

Debra Gratton is our candidate in Cheadle and Checkley. Debra was born and educated in North Staffordshire, obtaining her degree in English Language while working full time in the finance offices of a ceramic company and raising a family.

Debra has a business management and civic responsibility background bringing with her a unique set of skills and qualities. Her previous successes in local government have provided Debra with a vast knowledge and understanding especially in the care sectors for both children and adults. Her work as a school governor and chair of governors has helped to improve results and attainment for young people.

Debra enjoys spending quality time with family and friends and walking her dogs in the wonderful Staffordshire countryside.

“I have held a variety of civic roles that have allowed me to participate with children and adults from all walks of life from school to the most vulnerable in the most challenging of circumstances. This allowed me to develop a range of skills to understand what works, what does not work and how we can work together better for positive change in our area”.

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