It's a pleasure to be given the opportunity to stand again as your Labour Party candidate in the upcoming General Election. I am proud to have been born here, educated here, where I got my first job and where I set up my first business.


As your candidate I am standing on the same principles as I did two years ago – fighting for a future fair for all . Only Labour can help build a society in which we protect the weakest and poorest amongst us. Only Labour can ensure our economy gives opportunity to all, serving the many and not just an elite few.


I hope that I can count on your support on Thursday June 8th.

  1. I will not claim a penny of personal expenses: Why should I get food and my mortgage paid for on top of my salary?

  2. I will champion our high streets on a national level to encourage new retailers

  3. I support a £10 minimum wage meaning more tax paid and less top-up benefits claimed

  4. I am strong in economics including having an economics degree 

  5. I'm local, I was born and educated in the constituency. 

  6. I'm community spirited – have been active in Cheadle Fairtrade, Business Group and Tourism Group.

  7. I believe local large employers need to treat their staff better and will fight for workers' rights

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