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Why join?

Joining the Labour party allows you to participate in shaping the future of our country, both nationally and locally.

You would be eligible for voting in future leadership elections, as well as attending the yearly national conference.

You can get involved in local meetings, campaigns and canvassing.

You can learn more about politics, and can even stand as a councillor or MP.


Joining the Stone CLP couldn't be easier...

1. Join the Labour Party by visiting

2. Turn up at the next meeting


See, we told you it was easy.


As soon as you have joined the party, you will automatically be included in invites to meetings and events, so you won't miss out on what we are up to.


You can also join us and get to know everyone on our private Facebook group. 

How do our meetings work?

We meet as a whole Constituency Labour Party (CLP) every month on the first Wednesday of the month at St Dominic's Social Club, Station Rd Stone ST15 8EW, Meetings are from 7pm-9pm.

If you live in Cheadle - then there is also a "Branch" (BLP) that deals with issues local to the town.

Cheadle BLP meetings are held bi-monthly.

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