Jeff Love for Newcastle Rural

Jeff Love is our candidate for Newcastle Rural division where he lives in the village of Mucklestone. He is currently working for the NHS in the Black Country, having worked previously in the NHS and City Council in Stoke.

Jeff has spent most of his working life in public service, much of which has been aimed at helping the most vulnerable in society. He is passionate that the NHS and Social Care are there to support everyone who needs them, and that the same access is available to people living in rural areas and smaller towns and villages. Jeff has also worked as a Community First Responder locally which showed him how important it is that services are there when they are needed.

“Far too often the needs of smaller communities are overlooked. I have a very good understanding of the way in which local government operates and I know how important it is for a councillor to be in touch with the local community they represent and speak for them, If elected, I will do my best to ensure that the interests of local people are represented in every decision the council makes. I intend to be their voice and their champion in every possible way”.

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