Liz Haines for Cheadle South East

Liz Haines is our candidate in the Cheadle South East ward election for Staffordshire Moorlands District Council.

Liz is a mum of two children and lives with her husband in Cheadle. A qualified Librarian working in the NHS, Liz enjoys supporting healthcare professionals with their information needs and training and is proud to be part of the support team in our excellent NHS.

The environment is important to Liz, alongside feeling there should be an emphasis on greener transport in the area one of her family activities is to go litter picking whilst walking.

Liz’s strengths are her enthusiasm for the community and people in Cheadle, and a desire to represent their views in local government. Liz believes her frustration that the area does not always feel valued or maintained is shared with others and wants to change this. 

“Through my recent experiences following local politics and creating a Facebook group to encourage engagement in local issues, I feel empowered to represent the people of Cheadle at district council level. Through listening to and supporting our community I would love the opportunity to continue to contribute to Cheadle to create an even more fantastic place to live, work and visit.”

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