2017 is a key year with local elections across the country.

We are pleased to introduce our candidates for each ward below.


Stone Urban

Key Priorities for Stone Urban:

1. Properly resourced Hospital and GP provision

2. Better social care

3. Well-maintained highways

4. Cheap loan schemes to make housing more affordable for young people

5. Provision of training opportunities that will secure well-paid jobs


A sixties baby, I grew up in South London in a family of Labour supporters. I was the first member of our family to gain an honours degree (B.A. in Business Law) and have subsequently specialised in construction law, currently running my own consultancy company. I am a member of the Society of Labour Lawyers.

I moved to Staffordshire upon getting married 25 years ago and have three daughters (the youngest two are currently studying at St Joseph’s Sixth Form College, the eldest works for a charity based in Ethiopia).  My wife is a recently retired GP, I still get constant lectures on the NHS.

I was a School Governor at Endon Hall and still take a keen interest in education as being critical for the future development of our community.

When not attending Labour Party meetings, I enjoy watching sport and local theatre.


Stone Rural

Key Priorities for Stone Rural:

1. Education - Restoring local accountability to acadamies and multi
    academy trusts

2. Social Care - Ensuring an effective relationship between NHS and local

3. Planning - Achieving a balanced policy between environmental issues
    and social need


I taught for over 30 years in Stoke-on-Trent; represented teachers in Staffordshire and Stoke on the national executive of a leading teacher trade union and was a school governor on two primary schools for many years.

I am a volunteer at a local food bank and I am ashamed of the inequalities in our society.

I believe a Labour county council would make a difference!


Cheadle & Checkley

Key Priorities for Cheadle and Checkley:

1. Improvements to roads in Cheadle and Tean

2. Retaining community beds at Cheadle Hospital

3. Return support for youth clubs


I am married with 3 Children and 7 grandchildren. I live in the ward.

I am a retired Chartered Electrical Engineer with experience in the private and public sector.

Previously County Councillor for this Division 1997 to 2001.

District Councillor 1995 to 1999 for Cheadle West.

Checkley Parish Councillor 1997-2001. Chairman 2000-2001

During my time as a Councillor I was a prime mover in obtaining major road improvements in Cheadle, a new Library and One Stop Council shop on Cheadle High Street, and a new, much used Waste Amenity Site at New Haden.

I have over 20 years experience as a school governor and was instrumental in the Cheadle High School obtaining a new Sports Hall.

Key Priorities for Gnosall & Doxey:

1. Maintaining highways to an excellent standard

2. Campaigning for more investment for social care

3. Listening to residents and acting on their concerns

4. Ensuring that Gnosall and Doxey residents get a fair deal

5. Always being clear on on the issues


I work locally in the Town Centre.

I am also a second term Borough Councillor representing the Littleworth Ward, and presently serve as Deputy Mayor of Stafford Borough, and at 32 I am the youngest Councillor in Stafford. 


Up until 2016 I was Chair of Stafford District Arts Council, and served as Secretary to Stafford Constituency Labour Party during the 2015 General Election. 


In 2014, my campaigning in support of Stafford Hospital and against the closure of Staffordshire Youth Services by the Conservatives at the County Council was nationally recognised by the Local Government Information Unit when they shortlisted me to their final 5 potential Young Councillors of the Year.  


Gnosall & Doxey
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